Gordon Bethune

For more than 15 years, 92-year-old Gordon Bethune has been building a legacy as a strong influence in his community through his volunteer work and dedication to helping others. 

In 2003, Gordon co-founded a non-profit with a mission to help the community in Arnprior and surrounding areas meet residents’ needs. The organization, now known as the NeighbourLink Fountain, expanded in 2009 to provide a community centre, with services such as a thrift shop, an activity room, a community kitchen, and more. Gordon has participated as a board member and a volunteer at NeighbourLink for more than 13 years.  

Gordon encourages and supports many programs and activities through the facility. In NeighbourLink’s early days, he was instrumental in enlisting many like-minded volunteers to join the organization. Recently, Gordon has been involved with a program to deliver meals to seniors and homebound people in the community.  

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