Maz Karimjee

Maz Karimjee is described as very humble and passionate. He has been at the forefront of creating various programs that have had a significant positive impact on families, youth experiencing homelessness, and vulnerable people in the Ottawa-Gatineau region.

Maz worked with Equal Chance to launch a bicycle and discussion program for vulnerable youth living in temporary housing. The Legacy Builders Bike Club currently helps 50 children have access to a bike during their time in temporary housing. Thanks to him, children living in difficult situations can enjoy riding bikes with their friends.

During the pandemic, Maz took it upon himself to help kids in low income situations who were struggling with virtual school. While visiting a housing complex, he heard about a young boy being asked to move to another room because his background noise was too loud for online learning. The eight-year-old didn’t have the option to move since he shared a one-bedroom apartment with his five family members. This motivated Maz to collect headphones for families in neighbourhoods experiencing similar situations. In combined efforts of people across Canada, Maz collected and distributed 1,067 sets of headphones to families and schools in Ottawa.

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