Melody Lachance

Melody is a whirlwind of energy, positivity, and enthusiasm for helping people within her community.  For more than eight years, she has been dedicating her time to helping out her community, as well as volunteering with local pet rescues. Melody created Barrhaven and Area Empties, a community of people committed to supporting local animal shelters. Barrhaven and Area Empties raises funds through collecting empties, pop cans, and much more for local animal rescues to give them the ability to provide quality care to animals in need.

In 2020, one empty wine bottle and beer can at a time, Melody raised more than $25,000 dollars. She played a crucial role in getting pet microchip scanners for her area, so lost pets could be reunited with their families faster. She has also purchased live traps so that lost and scared pets could be brought in from the cold and then identified with the microchip scanner. 

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