Community Builder Awards Program

United Way East Ontario’s program recognizes the outstanding volunteers and champions that help make our cities and towns a better place to live for everyone.

What is a community builder?

A person, group or organization that is dedicated to ensuring everyone in their community is given an equal opportunity to thrive. Their consistent example of hard work and compassion inspires others to do good and build a stronger, healthier, safer place for all of us to live.

The award ceremony

Wall of Inspiration

United Way, with our volunteer recognition team, have been so honoured to recognize more than 900 people, groups or organizations for more than 20 years. Through surprise presentations, our team honours so many throughout the year in-person or online in a special Zoom presentation.

The names of every recipient can be found at one of four regional Walls of Inspiration in Prescott-Russell, Ottawa, Lanark County and Renfrew County. Their names are added every year as a permanent reminder of the amazing work we see in our region by so many who want to make their communities better for everyone.

Volunteer Recognition Team

Our volunteer presenters are the face of our program. They are truly a dedicated group of people who are invested in helping us lift up and celebrate our deserving Community Builder recipients.
A photo of Erin Benjamin
A photo of Stefan Keyes
A photo of Sarah Onyango
A photo of Dylan-Black
A photo of Derick Fage
A photo of Suzanne Pinel
A photo of Louisa Taylor

Nominate a Community Builder

There are so many unsung heroes throughout Prescott-Russell, Ottawa, Lanark County and Renfrew County, that deserve to be recognized.

Whether you know someone or an organization who supports people with mental health issues, helps vulnerable seniors, gives kids the chance to succeed, or just consistently contributes to essential community initiatives that help others, that person could be our next Community Builder recipient.