Avery and Rowan Parkinson

Avery (16) and Rowan (13) are uniquely passionate in their aim to spread a sense of responsibility and community amongst their peers. Together they cofounded the Maple Wishes Foundation, a local outlet that raises awareness and fundraises for eleven service projects across our region. In 2015, after witnessing the debilitating effects of Parkinson’s disease on their grandfather, Avery and Rowan began raising awareness at their school. Every year since, they have continued to raise awareness by crafting and distributing thousands of handmade tokens, each bearing a butterfly—a symbol of hope. THE BUTTERFLY PROJECT has expanded to include community awareness and fundraising campaigns in support of the Parkinson’s Research Consortium (Ottawa) and has to date successfully raised over $60,000.  

In 2016, prompted by the reality of the homelessness crisis and challenges around food security in Ottawa, Avery and Rowan became regular suppliers of homemade meals to various community centres and homeless shelters. On a weekly basis, Avery and Rowan organize a sandwich making session for one of the local shelters. To date, the A SANDWICH OR TWO initiative has provided over 20,000 meals to our community in four years.

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