Jean-Marie Guerrier

Jean-Marie is described as a passionate person who puts 110 per cent commitment into anything he does. His humor, patience, and creativity shine no matter what type of work he is accomplishing. Currently, Jean-Marie works at Flo’s Seniors Health and Care Programs Network and is the treasurer for their board. He has more than 16 years of volunteering experience and started his community work back in Montreal during 1989.  

Jean-Marie started his work within the community while employed at CHAIS (Centre haïtien d’animation et d’intervention sociales) for five years. CHAIS is an organization that works to actively promote and improve social services for people and families within Montreal communities. After his time with CHAIS, Jean-Marie moved to Ottawa around 1998 and became a member of Black History Ottawa. When BHO was struggling, Jean-Marie stepped up to the plate to provide stability and direction to keep the organization afloat. In the process, he inspired people to keep BHO going until a new team joined and relaunched the organization. His passion for Black History Ottawa hasn’t gone unrecognized. 

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