Marie Thérèse Wang

Marie Thérèse Wang is described as a very friendly person whose dedication to reducing food insecurity is nothing short of extraordinary. Marie is a director and financial officer for Food For Thought Café, a non-profit organization whose goal is to provide meals to people in need. People who access food banks are often given food to fill their cupboards, but they may not have access to the equipment needed to prepare their daily meals. Food For Thought Café provides hot, nutritional meals to those who cannot cook because of age, disability, or other circumstances.

Marie’s dedication to keeping the organization intact is seen by every volunteer who has ever offered their time to the cause. Marie organizes events, takes care of the bookkeeping and inventory, and bakes delicious desserts with each meal. She’s been known to never miss a day and will even bike to work when she’s not needed to lend a hand.

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