Pearly Pouponneau

Pearly Pouponneau is constantly doing work in her community and producing content to uplift and highlight marginalized groups—whether it be for people of colour, the Indigenous community, the 2SLGBTQ+ community, or an intersection of all three. Being a Queer woman of colour from a marginalized community herself, Pearly identifies gaps and assess needs on a community level. According to her nominator, Pearly’s biggest accomplishment has been organically creating Colours of Mama—a safe and inclusive community for mama’s of colour to be seen, heard, and celebrated—which Pearly founded after she noticed the lack of inclusivity in Mothering spaces in Ottawa. She was also recently recognized as a CBC Ottawa Trailblazer for her work with Colours of Mama, and even featured in numerous panels, most recently with CBC Ottawa and Creative Mornings Ottawa. Pearly continues to uplift and support members of marginalized groups by creating The Diatribe Podcast—the first podcast in the South Asian community that tackles taboo topics and creates space and time for learning, openness, self-love, and balance.

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