Meet our six new award recipients


On March 24th, in collaboration with Apt613, we recognized six more incredible community builders. 

Suzanne Pinel, who happens to be a 2001 Community Builder Award Recipient, hosted the presentation and helped us surprise these unexpecting recipients— people who have worked tirelessly to make our communities safer, healthier, and more resilient, during a time when circumstances are difficult and strained for every one of us. From making wellness phone call checks for seniors, to helping newcomer families access the support services they need—community builders are constantly showing selflessness and care during these unique times. 

These recipients are community leaders and fearless advocates who have stepped up and demonstrated a local love that has not gone unnoticed.  

Award recipients were chosen for their exceptional contributions to vulnerable communities. They have demonstrated a strong ability to mobilize their communities, going above and beyond their regular volunteerism. They also represent the kind of quiet determination and heroism that inspires others to actleading by example.  

We thank everyone who takes the time to nominate everyday heroes, and we thank you, community builders, for your exceptional contributions. 

Meet our six new Community Builders

Hélène Ménard
Omar Al-Dib
Kelly MacNaull

Jennifer Sondergaard
Phyllis Bergmans
Maz Karimjee

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